Cutting Out Sugar

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Energy is used in our cells in the form of glucose (and other simple sugars). All energy sources from food get broken down by our bodies into glucose before our body can use it. This includes all carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Your body can get energy from carbohydrates, proteins, or fats, it doesn't distinguish. It all gets converted into glucose (when used for energy). That's why people can survive off their fat stores, and it's also why you can survive for a time off protein only, or carbohydrates only.


Eating sugar is not needed. When your body needs sugar, it will break down carbohydrates, proteins, or fats into sugar. You don't need to consume it directly.A diabetic only needs to consume sugar when their blood sugar is very low, and that's only because sugar is a quick way to raise their blood sugar in an emergency situation. Normally, they don't need to consume sugar directly. Sugar may be the only macronutrient that we don't actually need to eat. But we do need to eat some amount of fat, salt, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, water, etc.But of course, eat too much of any of those, and it can be unhealthy, even fatal. Everything in moderation.


We can get by just fine without any sugar in the diet, added or otherwise. The keto diet is becoming more popular, and it has a minimal amount of sugar. It's designed to make the body run on ketone bodies instead of glucose. In other words - fat. When people go on longer periods of fasting, the body depletes all glucose and start converting stored fat into energy. And people on longer fasts have been just fine. The longest recorded fast lasted 380 days. The guy in question ate nothing at all for over a year. He just drank water and took vitamins and minerals. This isn't recommended of course, and he was morbidly obese when he started. But it still shows that it's possible.



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Sugar is so bad everyone in our house is cutting it and now, everyone is losing weight, and blood sugars are normal. :)

You can find a movie about sugar on Netflix: That Sugar Film.

I have been cutting sugar and doing intermittent fasting and I can say that it is turning you into a better you. :)

I cut off sugar of my daily meal plans..results were showing on my blood tests last week. :)

Sugar has made a lot of people miserable. Increase number of obese people, increasing number of people with diabetes plus kidney problems are very common. :(
We should always know the importance of moderation in using it.

To my understanding, Sugar is one molecule away from cocaine!

While this may be technically true, from a biochemistry standpoint it is meaningless. So many compounds have tiny molecular differences that completely change the function, reactivity etc... Still, both compounds are very bad for you! Thanks for posting, and I have learned so much from your posts! (I still insist that MMS is not bleach, though :)

Informative. Thanks for being kind by sharing this to all of us. :)

Excellent article
As a diabetic myself
With a sweet tooth
I get Siro sugar free biscuits from Sainsbury's
They're absolutely delicious

This image is on their website, but I'm sure theyill appreciate me promoting their products
NOT an affiliate link

Very helpful article, I would like to fast once in a week to keep my body fit, instead of taking sugar, I will take the foods as you shared with us, once again thank you very much for your excellent article.

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When you cut down your sugar level, the rest of the glucose will be converted to glycogen.

I once cut sugar out of my diet for a time and I felt great. Unfortunately I've since began eating sugar again. Yesterday I ate a cinnamon roll that put me in a sugar comma for at least an hour. My whole body was tired and I had to lay down on the couch for a while until I metabolized it. Probably not good eating that amount of sugar lol.

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I’ve read and talked about this too with friends that are also interested in food and what it does to and in your body @pinkspectre. I try to eat as few sugar as I can to feel better. I eat fruits to get my sugar rush, sometimes I use honey in my tea or in a recipe. I’ve just started this a few months ago, but the December month I ate chocolate and bread for Christmas and I noticed it right away in my belly!

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Good information. I am on the Daniel Fast for 30 days and I can already tell the difference in my body with being off of sugar for only a few days. So much of the food that is sold here in the USA has sugar in nearly everything.

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I have been looking at sugar after being spoilt during the festive period.

Would be intrigued to hear your thoughts on alternatives to sugar like stevia and monk fruit sugar that provide health benefits?

We can't stand the taste of Stevia, but will look into the monk fruit!