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in health •  5 months ago

i quit smoking for 14 years..............guess what?


i swear smoking is so much more addictive now than it use to be. so much more difficult to get off them now than years ago. there must be more addictive substances in them now than before. they certainly know how to hook ya don't they? i have this like (not love) don't like (not hate) feeling about the damn things. i need them for whatever reason aside from the addictive substances in them and i am not ashamed of that. i think most people if not everyone has some sort of crutch be it shopping, entertainment, exercise, social media and there are so many more. i know people addicted to travelling, gotta run away, gotta get away even though they cannot afford it. one of the very things they are running away from is the very thing they create by running away. gotta go to the club or the bar and spend so much more money on booze versus buying it elsewhere and taking it home to partake and then complain they have no money. i see it everywhere. whatever gets you through the day, the night, whatever gets you through your life so long it does not suck you down that black hole and you cannot climb your way out.

so i have been researching vape and so far i'm not finding anything negative about it at all. i have decided to give it a go. scared though, i've been through this before, i quit smoking years ago for 14 years and fully remember how miserable withdrawal is. due to my impoverished state after my divorce buying a pack of smokes was way cheaper for me than feeding myself so i started it again. now that i am older with more than enough body pain from disease and old injuries i'm dreading it. i'm really hoping the vape will make this transition more bearable. i must maintain some sort of habitual habit to relieve stress, hopefully remaining on the nicotine will satisfy and provide the stress relief i need.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and/or links to product lines.

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