Haritaki: One Month Update | How things have developed over the past 30 Days

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Image from http://www.ayurvedicindia.info/health-benefits-of-kadukkaiharitakiharde-fruit-powder/

About a month ago, I posted the an article titled "Day One after Haritaki: The Ayurvedic 'Instant Gratification' Herb". This was the beginning of my journey to a healthier self.

When I was 20 years-old, I began a Vegetarian diet, and stuck to it for eight solid years. When I moved to Europe, I began eating meat again, mostly out of convenience. Last Summer, I slowly began to transition to a Vegetarian lifestyle again. In Autumn, I decided to follow a more Vegan diet.

Since starting my daily routine with Haritaki Tea, my appetite has changed. Not only do I find myself eating less, but I my cravings have curbed. I do not drink caffeine unless I am at work. I also consume less artificial sugar.

Now that I have felt the internal benefits, I am interested in the external. I read that it can also be used to treat acne and skin allergies. What a wonderful plant!


Thats awesome.. i am happy for those changes.
Lets add some other edible plants to lunch :-)