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How many cups of coffee can we drink per day? Because when the day is over and we think about what we have done during the same period, we sometimes count the coffees we have taken throughout the day.


To each person, the caffeine present in the coffee affects you in a different way , like everything. There are people who can not start the day without having a coffee or who need it to function in the office. Or we simply take it because we have slept little and we have to be wide awake.

One of the main components of coffee is caffeine , a psychoactive drug that is considered the most consumed in the world. Other products that have caffeine are guarana nuts, cocoa or tea.

Among the effects produced by drinking coffee with caffeine (and not decaffeinated ) we can highlight:

  • Improves the ability to process information from our brain

  • The heart beats faster

  • Some blood vessels narrow

  • An effective way to wake up and better focus attention on the task we are going to perform

Coffee consumption is universal since it is taken in most countries of the world especially in North America and Europe .

But the question always comes up: do I drink too many coffees? Am I hooked ? The reality is that it is not good to drink a lot of coffee, although of course it depends on each person and how he tolerates it. Of course, we can not exceed 10 grams , which is difficult if not impossible drinking only coffee.

The symptoms that we may have been intoxicated or past with the intake of coffee are several such as vomiting, heart palpitations or abdominal cramps.

It is recommended for everyone, leaving aside if a person tolerates more or less caffeine, are 2 or 3 cups a day . Without going over. In some cases the consumption of coffee has been related to the appearance of urinary incontinence , but it is not completely proven.

Although in general rules coffee provides benefits such as vitamin B3 that will help our skin look younger, better functioning of the nervous system and prevention of tooth decay.

So if you like coffee you have to stop taking it unless your doctor tells you by prescription, but it is desirable to control their intake, enjoy and savor its aroma but without committing excesses .

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It is helpfull for health but excess is not good for health .Thanks for information.

Very nice article on coffee.