Monitor freckles, moles and skin spots

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The best way to fight against skin cancer is prevention. Protect yourself from the sun and keep an eye on freckles, spots and spots on your body to observe its appearance and evolution.


Examining the skin involves taking note of all body blemishes, moles or freckles and skin blemishes that appear with age. Do not forget the ABCDE of skin cancer : A symmetry, B ordes, C olor, D iámetro and E volución. The melanomas usually have four aspects :

A: Asymmetry. Presents halves in different ways.
B: Borders. Irregular
C: Color. It presents zones of different color with brown or black shades and sometimes in red, white or bluish.
D: Diameter. Malignant skin tumors usually have a diameter greater than 6 mm.
E: Evolution. Periodically check their condition to see if the lesion changes in size, shape or color, or is bleeding and does not heal.

If any of these symptoms or change of appearance do not hesitate to go to your dermatologist.

Skin self-exam in 5 steps

In addition to the areas of skin clearly exposed to the sun that you observe easily, there are other parts that you should not neglect. The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) explains how to self-examine the skin in front of a mirror.

Step 1

Examine the front and back of your body in front of a mirror, the right and left sides, with your arms raised.


Step 2

Bend the elbows, carefully examine the forearms, the back of the arms and the palms.


Step 3

Look behind the legs and feet, the space between the toes and the soles of the foot.

Step 4

Examine the back of the neck and scalp with a hand mirror. Separate the hair and collect it.

Step 5

Finally, examine the back and the back with a hand mirror.

Prevention is the key. Protect your skin from the sun always with sunscreen , even on cloudy days as ultraviolet radiation is just as dangerous. Do not forget to take maximum care of freckles, moles and spots , with 50+ sun protection factor. Remember that the effects of the sun are cumulative and the damage of the burns is manifested in the long term. That's why it reviews your evolution and do not miss your annual appointment with the dermatologist to examine them.

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