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RE: Diabetes Awareness Month: Who is at Risk?

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Amazing! I just read a full page article about Diabetes Awareness Month in a local newspaper here in South Africa.
Obesity is a sure struggle here, as are eating behaviors, fizzy drinks and fast foods. So great that this new style of information is out across the world, both in print and on the social sites!
A great post indeed.


Hi @papilloncharity. Yes, awareness is spreading worldwide about this disease. I believe it's deadly effects are brought about partly because of the rapid rise in obesity. Seems like one thing trigges another. And they all work together to drag down your health.

Thanks for visiting my post and taking the time to read it. Appreciate it. Have a great day, and take care.

So true my friend, the chase after quick money has galvanized the fast food businesses and the oils that they use are poison. Especially as many continuous to use the same old oil for weeks on end. There are of course also many other causes, but a series of illuminations to the dangers can certainly benefit many souls.

This is true. The fast food industry must do it's part to alleviate a problem it cased in the first place. The contributing factor of obesity is one I think is the most dangerous because in itself, this disease takes off in a whole other direction that is a monumental problem for certain parts of the world. In the U.S. it's especially serious.

One serious message remains that can bring about real change.
Beware of fried fast foods and processed foods!
Have a good weekend my friend!