Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for me? Post Heart Attack

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December of last year my life got turned on it's ear. It was a hell of a thing, having a heart attack wen I am still relatively young.

I have been trying to live my life as best I can, and the struggle has been pretty hard of late.

The one thing that has been an issue for me is my weight. I am a pretty chunky fella, and have had little success at changing that. Other then stress and anxiety weight is the only other risk factor to heart disease that I am aware that i currently have.

I ask the world! Would a ketogenic help me, would it heal me, or would it smash be headlong into the zone of potentially having another heart attack again.

I'm almost too scared to ask this question, but I thought given this community is pretty open and amazing that someone out there will now whether it is a good idea or not. I'm open to opinions of course as always.

Help and advice would be appreciated because at the moment I feel a bit cornered by it all. It is all quite overwhelming.

Life is full of changes, I'm just not sure this is the change for me anymore.



A high fat diet based around animal protein sounds like a disaster IMO given you've already suffered one heart attack. Your arteries are damaged already.

You may like to check out this book Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis. There's heaps of interviews on youtube if you google him too.

This site by Dr Greger also has a lot of good health info. You can pretty much google any health condition and he's probably made at least one video about it.

Thank you @choogirl. I appreciate you taking the time to send me those links.
I feel the I have many paths to choose from and most have a downside, I just need to breathe and figure out where from here.
That book looks like an interesting read.

It's a great book. I recommend it.

Oh, I forgot about Dr Mcdougall as well. If you search his channel for atherosclerosis, he's made A LOT of videos about heart attacks.

information overload. LOL.
Thank you so much for supplying these information sources.

Lol. Sorry (for the info overload). I have spent A LOT of time listening/reading the info these doctors provide, so when someone is interested I'm eager to share.

Great thing with this platform is now everyone that searches for something along these lines will now be able to find the same resources.

I think anytime you reduce Carbs it can have a positive impact on your health. Although I definitely would talk it over with a Specialist :)

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