SAY NO TO PROCRASTINATION---- A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

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How well and long we live on earth depend on certain factors like genetic make up, environment, food ,activities we are engaged in etc.

Book of Lamentation is a collection of poetic laments for the destruction of Jerusalem.Do you have a book of lamentation for your health or are you planning to have one ?


To begin, often times, we hardly for instance check ourselves for viral hepatitis. Hepatitis is a disease that primarily affects the liver and unfortunately, its common in Nigeria .

Liver ,in medicine is described as an organ with "large functional reserve " This means that it is "stubborn" and hardly "surrenders" unless larger part of it has been destroyed by disease .By implication, if you have a viral hepatitis, you will not easily know until it has affected the liver greatly before clinical signs and symptoms begin to show.

Liver plays a vital role in the body and if its function is impaired , a lot of complications will ensue .Someone with advanced liver problem can present with swollen body,yellowing of the eyes etc and more often than not, its a death sentence !!


On the contrary, the cost of running laboratory test for viral hepatitis is less than N2000 in most private diagnostic centers and much cheaper in government institutions.

In all, to avoid having book of lamentation for your health , check yourself regularly .A stitch in time ,saves nine .


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