Meditation to calm the mind and relax the body

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Even 15 years ago, meditation was considered a kind of sacred knowledge, accessible exclusively to Buddhist monks and advanced yoga gurus. But with the modern frantic pace of life, the abundance of stress and an overabundance of communication, more and more people turn to meditation practices to calm the mind and relax the body.

There are many different variations of meditation practices, some of which are in no way associated with either yoga or Eastern philosophy. If you are already doing yoga, it will prepare your body physically, and meditation will become a natural continuation of the practice.


It is the sitting position that is considered the most comfortable. It is not necessary to try to sit in Turkish or to accept a lotus position if these provisions give you unpleasant sensations. The main rule is convenience. For maximum comfort, place a pillow under your hips. Imagine that you are pulled up by the top of the head, and your spine is one straight line. Throughout practice, remember to keep your back straight.

Close your eyes and mentally walk through your body, briefly stopping at each of its sections. Start with your feet - feel each finger relax. For simplicity, you can mentally say: “The little finger is relaxed, the ring finger is heavy and relaxed,” and so on to the top of the head. Remember to relax your neck, eyes, face, chin and tongue. Feel your body go limp and heavy.


Put all your attention on your breath. Inhalations should be shorter than exhalations. Breathe deeply, but silently. Use the diaphragm when breathing to fill the lungs with oxygen. Try to feel how the air is felt in your nose, throat, chest and stomach.

As you concentrate on your breath , your mind begins to calm down and focus on the present. This does not mean that you will stop thinking. Thoughts will come and go, and your goal is simply to observe them while continuing to hold attention to your breath or mantra. Let your mind remain calm. On some days, it’s easier for you to cope with the flow of thoughts, on some days it’s more difficult, but this should not bother you.



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A great post, thank you! Meditation is still so undervalued and yet is one of the easiest and most accessible coping mechanisms for stress!

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