The Cannabis takeover isn't limited to just Medicine - but Food and Commerce as well.

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Cannabis is not just limited to medicinal & for recreation - but a huge resource for commerce and as great supplement replacement for many of our daily food needs!

This amazing plant can be used in many areas of our life and it's by-products can to our society. Be on the lookout in your local grocery store as many new cannabis related beverage products.

One example of this shift, is Coca-cola's partnership with Aurora Cannabis for a CBD infused drink which should be launching in Canada shortly.


Yes! Food, medicine, industry, culture, and even owning land and creating food is all taken over and now so is cannabis in all these aspects. :(

The times are certainly.changing. 😎

It can also be a paper, marijuana paper... Sounds great.

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Totally agree. The PTB don't want us to know the benefits of Cannabis. Now the truth is coming out! The wrong thing is illegal, we all know this! Alcohol and Tobacco (Why is there an ATF?) are the real killers here. Not Cannabis. TPTB want us poor, unhealthy, divided and uneducated. We're easier to control that way.

Well there's my 2 cents. :) Be well.

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