Know the difference - A quick guide on the two main types for new Cannabis patients

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The two main types

Sativa and Indica strains each possess their own unique effects. Sativa strains provide more stimulation while indicas tend to often be a lot more sedating.

The high from sativa strains is energizing, cerebral and a good pairing for daytime use.

Generally one will experience a feeling of well-being and ease is often associated with sativas, they are also very ideal for social situations. One can also expect to increase & promote deep conversation & enhanced creativity.


  • Uplifting and energetic
  • Cerebral, creative or hallucinogenic
  • Best when for day use


  • Relaxed and calming
  • Body buzz or ‘couch in butt lock’
  • Best when for night use


As always, don't forget to consult your local medical bud-tender with any questions on the best products for your condition!


ok...ok... now I know :)))

I love your posts about cannabis. ✌✌

Sativa is super helpful writing music.

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