Untreated Depression Damages The Brain Mental Health

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The world has evolved as evidence from a scientific research shows that many years of untreated depression can cause brain damage.
The Lancest psychiatry news report shows that there are permanent impairment to a patient who suffers from depression for more than 10 years.It further goes to show that if a disorder of the brain is left on-check it will cause reparable damages to brain tissues.

Depression is a serious condition and also a medical illness adversely affect the way a human emotions, how he thinks, interpersonal skills,, how he acts etc.It often brings a feeling of being dissatisfied with activities you at one time enjoyed doing,the person become moody,and most often it affect there relationship with people around them.

Most often the depressed patient is not aware he/her is depressed,A vigilant mother, an observant friend, a passerby will know before the patient himself is aware of his/her condition.The affected person begin to function pitiable at work or in school he start by being forgetful to making silly and expensive mistakes.

The world health Organization (WHO) approximated the people living with with this illness to be 800,000 as people die virtually every day or commit suicide . More protein is found in the brain for patients with depression, also long term depression can cause inflammation of the brain tissue such effect lead to Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease.



  1. Serotonin-enhancing food I.e High omega fatty food,example fish e.g salmon,egg, mackerel etc
  2. Therapy and medication
  3. Sleep well
  4. Exercise
  5. Sunlight
  6. Drink a Glass of wine Everyday
  7. Mindfulness Meditation
  8. Writing
  9. Find time and and hang out with friend

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If you suffering from depression please kindly see a doctor*

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Nice article, very sensitive subject! I'm a firm believer that most of this modern society, based on validation, is a big 'farm' of depression.
Didn't know this fact of untreated depression might create lifetime lesions to the brain, thanks for this heads up.

You are very correct, thanks for the observation.

It is necessary to live always on the positive.
To look at the world with a smile

Many thanks!!!! @apnigrich