Exercise - The best Heart Exercises

in #health3 years ago

So what is the best and most effective exercise for preventing heart diseases?
It can be done by walking for 3 minutes at your normal speed and then walking 1 minute at a brisk pace.
Another excellent exercise for your heart is a total-body, non- impact sport such astennis or squash, swimming or rowing, Tae Kwondo or other Martial Arts.
You can also create your own ideal workout that fits your current fitness level by incorporating slow intervals.
Core workouts such as push-ups and squats help to strengthen the core muscles, providing your body a good foundation.
Equally, it is not advisable to perform any exercise that you have not trained or warmed up for. Doing so will only result in unwanted injuries and even trigger a heart attack due to adrenaline surge. If you have an exercise routine that you enjoy, then follow it and improve it by adding to it, rather than changing to something you may not enjoy.

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