Brain Boosters

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If you occasionally suffer from “brain fog”, adding more zinc to your diet can help. Here are some foods that contain zinc:

  • spinach
  • cashews, pine nuts, & walnuts
  • mushrooms
  • cacao
  • pumpkin, sesame, and chia seeds
  • chickpeas and most beans
  • oats

Here are some further tips to combat brain fog.

  • Change Your Diet (Brain fog can be caused by foods in your diet or drinking to much alcohol)
  • Take supplements. Try taking a supplement like OptiMind
  • Sleep more. Sleep is a critical component of a healthy, waking reality
  • Exercise. Exercise is a fantastic way to eliminate mental fog and stress
  • Chill out, relax and live more in the moment
  • Detox the body (and mind).

Zinc keeps me "grindin' like Jack- Rabbitz."

Brain fog can also be a result of consuming sugar. Try cutting out processed or refined sugar from your diet. It can also be from drinking too much alcohol...

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