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A highly scientific article about mitochondria

After reading some posts from @aggroed lately, he unwillfully reminded me to this article from GreenMedInfo.

Mitochondria are very interesting. A main topic of the Wahls Protocol - a diet for combatting Multiple Scelerosis. They are at the basis of our energy and are antique at the same time

The inner mitochondrial membrane contains the metabolic machinery for aerobic metabolism, an evolutionary adaptation to oxygen-rich environments, which coincided with the endosymbiosis, or engulfment, of the ancient autotrophic bacteria that were the predecessors of these eukaryotic organelles.

In other words, a long long time ago, some bacteria and cells shook hands and became one.

The rest is difficult to read but if you have some background there'll be sure a few "Aha's"! Might be highly appreciated by @candadian-coconut?



Mitochondrial support is one of the best things a person can do for their health.

Thanks for the post.

I'm glad that at least someone looked at it. Doing the Wahls diet I think I don't need to understand the depth of it but it is sure interesting.

Sometimes the most important information draws the least attention.

If the many unhealthy people out there knew how much they could affect their life by properly fueling their mitichondria, then posts like this one would go to the trending page.

Something about HF19 has created a situation where the more followers I get the fewer views and votes I seem to be able to drum up.

That's f-ed up!

It's hard to make people change their life esp. when everybody says something else and they all sound smart at the same time!

Everyone sounding smart at the same time is why I had to go back to the Trivium to learn intellectual self defense. Sorting out the flaws and fallacies in an argument is integral to determining what are facts and what are not. A good wordsmith can convince anyone who is operating on emotion of almost anything, and health is a very emotional subject.

Only one vote in three days? Resteemed.

A post like this could potentially lead to saving lives. It should, at least, be seen.

True, I hope it will, some day...

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