HEALTH i wanna get this out there too watch syenergy

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hes got me real into this too taking mega doses of VITAMIN C AND VITAMIN D could be very good and we should be able to make our own vit C however something happened to one of the genes in us that used to produce it like how the animals do so really we should never be sick if you know about this stuff...and now with WEED and everything else coming out eating healthier juicing products say NON GMO or produced with genetic engineering you really have so many choices today you should be able to kick any cancer in the as really we must stop this willingness to go to the hospital we should try to NEVER go to the hospital the ER should be like a ghost town and thats the truth from me but we have a major problem coming up folks CROP failures are huge and growing more and more the ICE AGE is becoming much more apparent so we really need to prepare for this world wide and figure something out remember the movie DAY AFTER TOMORROW and they have so many movies about the ice age like that animated movie ITS NOT COMING IT IS HERE but you have to stay healthy to make good clear decisions but this is a huge issue hardly anyone is talking about and so many farmers are having trouble WITHOUT MONSATAN or any of those ones...they are just making things worse but the ICE AGE IS THE REAL DEAL THE BIG DEAL BE READY!!

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