To reduce Hypertension without drugs

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  1. 30 min sport per day (Walking, Jogging, Swimming etc. Not to much isometric training)

  2. Dont use salt for resalt your meal (normally inside is it already enough salt...)

  3. Reduce Your body weight (normal BodyMassIndex is between 18 and 25; BMI=Bodymass (kg) /Bodysize ^2(m^2)

  4. Reduce saturated fatty acid

Saturated fatty acids are fats that contain no double bonds between the carbon atoms, so it is saturated with hydrogen. This is the technical terminology. The important thing to remember is that saturated fatty acids are fats that cannot break down in the body and therefore, collect in places in the body and get stored. As saturated fatty acid collects within the body, it wreaks havoc and causes detrimental health issues, for exampel: whole milk
fatty meats, cocoa butter , palm and coconut oils , cream, butter
ice cream made with whole milk , certain cheeses)

  1. Increas intake of unsatureted fatty acid

An unsaturated fat is a fat or fatty acid in which there is one or more double bond in the fatty acid chain. The greater the degree of unsaturation in a fatty acid (ie, the more double bonds in the fatty acid), the more vulnerable it is to lipid peroxidation (rancidity). For exampel: Avocado, Linseed oïl, Spirulina, Herring, Black beans, Salmon etc.

PS: After intake of Aronia Berry in animals the vessels elasticity was significant higHer for 72 hours...