My Experience with Phenibut

in #health5 years ago

In this video, I talk about my experience with Phenibut. Time Stamps are available below the video in case you want to skip to different parts of the video.

Time Stamps:

Introduction - 0:00
First Time Taking it - 1:44
Phenibut as a Dieuretic - 3:51
Don't abuse this stuff - 4:21
My Experience with Tolerance rise - 6:13
Trick to mask the taste of Phenibut - 6:36
Not really my "Drug" of choice - 7:06
Where to get Phenibut? - 7:46
Last time I took Phenibut 9:18
Class Presentation on Phenibut story - 9:55
How I feel now on Phenibut - 12:06
Final Thoughts 13:21

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