My Journey Out of Malnutrition

in health •  2 years ago

Hello Steemit people! Let me share with you a short story of how I managed to fix my health issues. The biggest lesson I've learned during slowly gaining healthy weight was that mental health and physical health greatly impact one another. To achieve optimal personal growth, great care must be given to both the body and the mind. The picture on the left is me back in 2012. At 5'11" I weighed about 120 pounds. The one on the left was taken last year and I weighed at around 160 pounds.

Countless hours were spent searching the internet about nutrition and exercise. Mistakes were made but eventually I got around to it. My body grew and I began observing proper posture to fix my slouching back. Gradually I noticed how the quality of my life improved as I spent more time exercising with weights and eating right. My self confidence and self-esteem grew rapidly. It used to be that whenever I had to go outside, I would wear a baggy sweater to hide my thin, frail, stick arms (even if it's summer). Now I started walking tall and proud wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Never did I catch sicknesses anymore and I didn't feel tired all the time. To this day it remains one of the best decisions I have ever made. To me, weight training is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. It is not complicated and it only takes some dedication. 

I share the love along by teaching friends and families about the value of health and regulating their nutritional intake. I hope one day to become a certified personal trainer and help others on their path to healthier and happier lives. It has been a fruitful journey and I hope to inspire others to give it a try. 


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One of these days I have to do what you did!

I'm already doing very well with food. We are already 100% organic and really eat as much live food as we can get. We probably need to start growing it to get away from all the pre-heated stuff in the stores..

I don't know why, but exercise is really unpleasant and hurtful. I recently cut out coffee and I use non-acid teas like peppermint. Also added daily lemon juice juice to alkalize more. I think this may help it out.

Thanks for the post! Keep up the good work.


Hello! Kudos to you for responsibly watching what you eat. Not many people try to even stop for a moment and think about what they are putting in their bodies. Your exercise depends on your goal and yes it is quite challenging especially if you're exercising for muscle mass. It's tiresome and you need to wait months before results appear in the mirror. Provided that you train with weights consistently, you'll gain roughly 1-2 pounds of pure muscle per month. But that's what makes it all worth it. Enjoy the journey and don't think too much of the destination. Cheers!