#The flower of love and hope

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He loves not lyubit.Romashka .Flower and the sun angel of light

Each of us has repeatedly thwarted this wonderful flower for divination.
Yes nasamom fact it is the language of tsveton shy, romantic and joyous.

In ancient times it olitsetvoryalai with the sun god and the world


With this divine origin, chamomile decided to plant near the home, as a talisman.
She obereraet from curses, slanders, keeps in the house of love and fidelity.
The apartment can be just at the corners razhlozhit dry chamomile collection.
The same acts.
Do healers it serves as a physician for other plants and creates a microclimate.

Also, the flower has a lot of energy, which prevents nightmares.
Even zapoh flower acts as pritezhenie attract a romantic partner to person.
If you are single, you should know that growing in the garden or in the flat daisy contribute emergency meeting in the second half.
Family as people plant teaches gentleness, forbearance, pacifies them unfounded jealousy and builds confidence in the pair.

Chamomile, like magic associated with the number 7 and recommend to wash decoction of the day in those where there is a number 7.
This number is an angel.
They say a person begins to look at the situation with fresh eyes.

Well about guessing on flower all know ...
More a lot of the properties, such as drinking a decoction from the evil eye, after visiting guests cleanses the body especially for children, burning contributes to a rapid sleep ...

But the most important thing is of course ... LOVE !!!




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