HELLO FRIENDS !!! "Pheromone parties": a familiar smell

in #health7 years ago

"Pheromone party" are gaining popularity in the world, as long as this mode does not come to Russia, I suggest to get acquainted with this phenomenon more closely, as always - from the point of view of science.

By "pheromone party" need to prepare in advance - a couple of nights sleep is necessary to pre-wash the T-shirt. Then we bring this T-shirt to a bar, where we put it in a plastic bag with an individual number. These packets are dumped on the table, which suited all parties and find your favorite smell:

Next, take pictures with the selected packet number, and your photo will appear on the big screen. If someone reciprocate - and created a couple can retire for a closer acquaintance;)

Obscurantism - tell you? Far from it! This mechanism worked out by millions of years of evolution of the immune system, and science has proved that the chosen partners on this principle will be born more healthy offspring.

It shapes our individual scent or, as experts say, odorotip follows. Each of us has an individual HLA-genotype. Since these genes are synthesized proteins are the major histocompatibility complex, which are responsible for the rejection of transplanted organs and incompatible binding of infectious agents - that is, it participates in recognition of "his / Alien". This molecule is present in all tissues and organs.

It is noteworthy that the "pheromone parties' most smell the most attractive shirt for myself meet a partner who mutually nanyuhalsya shirt first.

Reciprocity The secret is that the person attracts odorotip most opposite to his. It has been shown that in the VNO - adjacent to and corresponding to the olfactory perception of chemical signals - HLA molecules are also integrated into the membranes of immune cells, and is equal to that of the pH of blood. So here it comes HLA-binding of odorants partner if the genotypes are similar. This reaction causes irritation of the neurons of the body, it becomes a negative emotional coloring in the CNS.

But what it has all the biological sense? Well, first of all, the smell of sexual desire significantly dependent, and prolonged attachment of these partners are more likely to be over the birth of children! Children from such a marriage will have a unique combined HLA-genotype, which will provide them with the most universal immunity and many years of life.

Well, you've already decided to go to the pheromone party? Or already have a partner? Then take a closer sniff and smell if it is necessary - bring forth new life to the world! The next time you talk about when infertility is the result of the similarity of genotypes of HLA-spouses and a clever way to solve this problem. In order not to miss out - subscribe to the most interesting blog about medicine!


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