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Most people do not know this, so the water will be thrown away before cooking again. Because not many people know the amazing benefits of this rice water. But make no mistake, rice water if cooked it is abundant nutrients and many benefits for your body health. So how to make this drink? How to make it is also quite easy. First you please boil rice with clean water. After boiling, remove and filter the water in separate containers. Rice water is ready for consumption.


So what are the benefits that we will get from eating this rice water? Will it affect your body's health. For more details please see the following brief explanation. Please take advantage of this info as best as possible.

  1. Helpful In Overcoming Constipation
    The first benefit is, For those of you who often experience constipation maybe this way you can apply in your life. Besides rich in carbohydrate rice is also rich in fiber content. So this will make moving the intestine regularly. Coupled with starch content, which can stimulate the growth of beneficial bacterial intestines.

  2. Can Counter Dehydration Body
    The solution for those of you who often lack in body fluids is not wrong if you try this way. Rice water is an excellent natural hydrating drink, especially during the summer when you lose a lot of fluids and nutrients coming out through sweat. If you work hard so that not a little energy and sweat may water you can make alternative energy solution.

  3. Increase Your Body Energy
    As we already know in general, if rice is one source of carbohydrates for the body, carbohydrates serve as the main source of energy for the human body. Simply by drinking a glass of rice water in the morning, is a great way to increase your energy throughout the day. It is also useful if you feel tired or lack of energy. So this way is perfect for you apply for your life.

  4. Help Cure Fever and Virus Defend
    The benefits of rice water in curing diseases are also able to restore lost nutrients and prevent fluid loss during fever. Plus it is also capable of speeding up the healing process. So it is safe for you to consume if you have a fever.

  5. Help Cure and Reduce Diarrhea
    In addition to good for the stomach in terms of overcoming constipation, it turns out that rice water is also an excellent natural remedy to relieve diarrhea. So if you have diarrhea you may try this way.

  6. Able to Prevent Cancer and Be Able to Lindugi Body from UV Radiation Radiation
    As we know, cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. But the fact is rice water is also very useful to prevent the incidence of cancer. But consumption is within reasonable limits.

Another benefit is that rice water is rich in oryzanol, a substance that can prevent harmful UV radiation from the sun. Drinking rice water can protect your skin from UV rays. So it is suitable for you who often move under the sun.

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