what is wheat grass?? what are the benefits of wheat grass??

in #health4 years ago

Wheat grass is a young grass of wheat commonly found in temperate regions from all over the world. The wheat grass is full of such vital substances which are capable to keep a man happy and healthy. It contains vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. in abundance not only this, the wheat grass is more invigorating and nutritive than milk, ghee, eggs, almonds, etc. it is curative and protects user against many diseases. Regular use of the wheat grass juicy protects against epidemics, insomnia, anemia, skin – allergy, gout, leucorrhoea, premature falling of hair, cancer, arthritis, obesity, cold related disease, jaundice, and stone, etc.

Regular use of wheat grass juice can cure the deadly disease of cancer. It is a vitalizer, appetizer, blood purifier and its use also improves eyesight.

The wheat grass is rich in living chlorophyll, which is a potent germicidal substance. Chlorophyll also plays an important role in rebuilding the damaged tissue and regeneration of blood cells. Wheat grass is quite effective prophylactic agent in combating severe and deadly diseases. Its constituents – enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc. are most helpful nutrients for the body.

The chlorophyll in the wheat grass is a blood purifier, and it is helpful for heartbeats, arteries, intestines, lungs and the bladder. Chlorophyll is helpful in healing the wounds and bone fractures.

Regular intake of the wheat grass juice ovoid the possibility of kidney problems, urinary problems and bladder stone and also helpful for diabetic patients and the respiratory diseases.


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