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My morning food routine (not including the exercise and meditation):-
800ml (27fl. oz) of flittered, mineralised rainwater with Apple cider vinegar or lemon, plus some fresh ginger and turmeric, often with a pinch of salt for electrolytes.

This rehydration and alkalising of the cells also activates the internal organs like a good kick start.

45-60 minutes later
Approximately 600ml (20fl. oz) of freshly pressed veggie juice.

This nutrient dense food in liquid form stripped of its natural fibre is instantly absorbed and beats any vitamin supplement you could waste money on.

1-2 hours later
Approximately 700ml (23fl. oz) of vegan smoothie.

This is filled with salad greens, bananas and activated nuts and seeds. This comes with the fibre so that any healthy fructose (yes healthy sugars) are slowly absorbed. This is already a superfood without having to pay for exorbitant powdered superfood products. That being said, I do often add things like raw cacao, maca root, sprouted rice protein powder.

Those three stages of healthy liquids give me enough energy and sustenance to last until mid-late afternoon when I eat my first solid meal.

Then I play music nude all day singing hippie songs with flowers in my hair. Hehe

I’ve been doing vegan smoothies daily for 20 years and juices daily for 15 years, so if you’d like specific recipes and what their benefits are, let me know.

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make me one! :p

Coffee, is my juice :)
Mind you, my diet is about 90% raw veggies :)


I was wondering which of the kids was going to say something like that. Hehe.
Great that you’re diet is about 90% raw veg. That’s quite hard to achieve for most.
Peace and good vibes.

easy diet for all mem, women and kids... best time to drink it at the end of riding or jovging.... now you can share your steps anout it.... @nathankaye you made my day


Thanks so much @abrahem.
Yes, exercise after water, but before juice or smoothie is a great order of things.
Blessings and good vibes to you