Stress - the main enemy of man

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Cold nose betrays your excitement. The idiom "got cold feet" perfectly describes your condition in this situation. As scientists have found that cold nose is a sure sign of stress.

A group of scientists conducted an interesting experiment with students of the University of Nottingham: they asked students to come on stage and filmed the whole thing on the imager. The device showed that during stress the human body heats up and sweats, the face does when it is cold. The coldest part of the face was the nose, it is the most departed blood.

And there's a simple physical explanation. In case of danger, in the particular case of stress, our muscles need more oxygen. The blood goes to him, to prepare the body for the lightning fast response: run, jump and everything, what you need to put physical efforts.

Stress gets us

Stress causes the brain activates the Central nervous system, which controls in particular the breathing, heartbeat or digestion. The released adrenaline causes rapid breathing and heartbeat, severe muscle tension

The "disservice" of the stomach

In the face of danger, the adrenal glands secrete cortisol, also called the stress hormones. He says that for preparing the body to defend: jump, fight or run. In this case, the blood rushes to the extremities, which are most useful than, for example, the stomach. It was then that we feel that can be described as "sucking stomach".

Stress - the main enemy of man

The continuous production of cortisol has negative consequences for the whole organism. People often experience stress, a decrease in the immune system. This, in turn, is fraught with constant colds and infectious diseases.

Stress makes you look older

Researchers from Duke University examined the DNA of children who are often subjected to stress, whether it's bullying or domestic violence. It turned out that stress leads to damage, as Bud to DNA belonged to a man a few years older than subjects children.