Zinc Supplements - Handy to deal for Cough and Cold

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The situation is crazy right now, even if you just randomly cough or sneeze everyone starts staring at you. It's monsoon season right now in my city and the one thing I love in this season is to get wet in the rains once in a way. So even if it's drizzling light I do not mind going for walks, but then I also end up with a light sneezing on and off and it is temporary.

The dose of Zinc which I always keep handy immediately helps me and works on the cold and cough. I just pop up one and then I am fine,yes I also do add up with a Steem therapy with a little add of Oregano Oil. The Oregano oil is very strong it fills up my nose with a strong sensation, but then it's a immediate relief also.

The Zinc supplement has been the most beneficial to me and I have also advised them to some people who have had early symptoms of the Corona virus and within 3 days they have been fine. So I highly recommend to keep a bottle of this supplement handy. At the very slightest of symptom you need to take it one every 2 to 3 hours till the symptoms completely disappear.

Zinc mineral has proven benefits on the Immune system and Respiratory healing, so there is no doubt that it works. Anyways I am not getting into the scientific part of it, nor do I have the capacity. Zinc is an essential mineral with a lot of biological effects.
Since the Virus is taking a toll on many, all I am sharing here is my experience which can be beneficial for many.

Again one needs to be mindful about the dose as excess dose will give reverse effect on the immune system. It is advisable to go in for a Non-GMO organic brand and not the regular cosmetic coated one which you would get at the regular chemist, because that may not serve any purpose.

I was doing that and there was absolutely no impact, but the one I have now started taking the LifeExtension one works very well and effectively and hence it is my recommendation.


If the symptoms are very mild just one or two at an interval of 2 to 3 hours should do the work, and it's best to take it at that stage to avoid any complications.

If you want to learn more about it then you may refer to this website Benefits of Zinc

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Zinc is actually good for the immune system function @nainaztengra you are doing a good health regimen there with taking zinc lozenges :)

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