More Reasons To Eat Coconut Oil

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 If you think coconut oil is good for you, then you’re right. And there are more reasons to take more!  

While some people say coconut oil is bad because it contains saturated fats, others believe it is the next super food. And if you ask us, we say coconut oil is the world’s next greatest super food because of its many health benefits. Aside from that, it is really delicious! 

There are eight medically based reasons why you should be consuming coconut oil. Here they are. 

1. It increases fat loss within one to three months, according to two medical studies. 

Coconut oil is made up of 92% MCFA. This fatty acid can be burned as energy and not processed as fat. 

2. Coconut oil reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

In one case, a woman put her husband in Ketogenic diet. She used coconut oil for several months and surprisingly, the symptoms of his Alzheimer’s were reversed. This only proves that coconut oil significantly aids in mental health, boosting brain functions and reducing the risk of dementia.  

3. It helps heal wounds faster.

Coconut oil mixed with aloe vera is the best thing to put on cuts. Not only does it increase collagen production on skin; it also reduces cellulite.  

4. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties.

A study was conducted wherein coconut oil was exposed to 52 different species of bad bacteria. The result was that it has reduced all of them, specifically candida albicans and yeast. Hence, it helps to take one tablespoon of coconut oil a day to help fight bad bacteria in the body.  

5. It balances hormones in both men and women. 

For men, coconut oil increases testosterone levels. Why? Simply because it reduces oxidative stress. If you are stressed out, this oil increases hormone cortisol and drives down testosterone. Therefore, consuming coconut oil protects your body from this stress. As for the women, it is proven to keep stress at bay and helps keep cortisol low. So, you look younger. 

6. It balances lipid levels

Coconut oil helps manage HDL and LDL. It increases HDL, which improves heart health and reduces LDL. Thus, it is great for everybody, especially those who are fighting heart problems. 

7. It improves nutritive absorption of fat soluble vitamins. 

If you want to get more vitamins in your body, coconut oil is the answer. It helps in the absorption of different fat soluble vitamins

8. It increases bone health. 

Taking coconut oil helps increase collagen production in your bones.    

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