Why Depend On Killer Prescription Drugs When You Can Just Do This?

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Did you know that more Americans die from the use of prescription drugs than street drugs? That's because Big Pharma and a lot of doctors are drug pushers and only care about their deep pockets. I won't go into the big money makers just yet; that's for another post.

When you go to your doctor and you tell them you have a health issue, what do you think they will do? They certainly won't tell you to change your lifestyle. Not all doctors will just whip out their script pad, but a lot of them do. But...there are some doctors out there who actually have nutrient logic.

Thank God for them!

Soooo......what you see below this line, I am living it right now. It would be great if a lot more people would do this. That way we can kick Big Pharma right where it hurts the most.

You know what? If we all begin to slowly get rid of some of our chemically laden products around the house and replace them with more organic products, we may reduce or even get rid of some of our health issues. This will help reduce people from having to take prescription drugs.

How do I know? Because I am a living witness. I started doing this early last year and I have gotten rid of my seasonal allergies and haven't had a headache since I don't know when.

You know what? If we all begin to slowly change some of the foods we eat to healthier foods, we may reduce or even get rid of some of our health issues. This will help reduce people from having to take prescription drugs.

How do I know? Because I'm a living witness. I've changed my eating habits a few years ago but drastically changed it even more over a year ago. By doing that I have reduced my hot flashes, no more joint pains in my knees, no more lower back pains, and reduced my BFM.

I was not on prescription meds but I threw away all of my OCD meds last Summer so I don't take any kind of drugs.

I know people say that healthy or organic foods are expensive which they are, but I believe they are worth the sacrifice of taking care of God's temple. Eating junk food all the time is expensive, too, but has less benefits. I'm not saying we will NEVER get sick, but we can reduce the chances. I do not eat healthy and organic 100% all of the time, but that's what I eat most of the time.

So while we are all complaining about how high insurance and medication is, I bet if we all begin to do this, we could possibly save money, better our health, reduce dr and hospital visits, be able to do more, think better, move around better, live longer, and reduce BIG PHARMA'S greedy pockets.

Here is a great article and video on the facts about the American prescription drug epidemic.

I am not a physician nor do I have a license and I am not telling you what to do. I'm just sharing the truth and my testimony.

Thank you for reading my blog!

To Your Health,


Well said! You can also save a lot of money on household cleaners by cleaning with vinegar and baking soda - both super cheap!

Thank you very much for reading my post. Yes, I use vinegar and baking soda also. :-)

well said. I've heard it been said in response to the price of organic food; Isn't caner treatment pretty expensive? this is good food for thought.

I tell my close friends and family this all the time. Most pay me no mind but I am determined to change the way I eat.

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