The Benefits of Ciplukan Plants For Health

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Ciplukan Plant

Ciplukan which in Latin known as Physialis Angulata, is a kind of wild plants that we encounter in the rice fields.
Ciplukan the foreign name is morel berry (English).
Ciplukan contains vitamin C, palmitic acid, alkaloids, chlorogenic acid, polyphenols and so forth that are proven to overcome various types of diseases.
This plant has antibacterial, anti anflamasi, analgesic, immunosuppressant, antioxidant, cytotoxic, relieve cough, anti virus, neutralize toxic and anti hyperglycemic.


THIS IS HEALTH The Benefits of Roots, Fruits, and Leaves Ciplukan for Our Health Often Ignored!

Ciplukan or in Latin known as Physialis Angulata is a kind of wild plant that will be very common we encounter especially in the rice fields. The plants will usually grow very fertile after the farmers harvest the crop.

The ciplukan plant itself consists of leaves, fruit, stems and also roots like other complete plants. If in the countryside this plant we can get easily and just pick it even if it is sold and probably no one will buy it.

On the contrary if kite is in urban area, this ciplukan plant will be traded even often sought. This is actually a strange thing, because this ciplukan plant has tremendous benefits, especially for the drug various types of diseases.

In addition, not only the fruit that dpaat used for drugs but other plant parts such as leaves, roots and stems can also be used as a medicine. But so far many people are looking at one eye to the benefits of ciplukan.

The emergence of various benefits of ciplukan was due to some content contained in ciplukan such as vitamin C, palmitic acid, alkaloids, chlorogenic acid, polyphenols and others that proved effective to overcome various types of diseases. Broadly speaking this ciplukan plant has a role as a plant that has antibacterial, anti-afflamation, analgesic, immunosuppressant, antioxidant, cytotoxic, relieve cough, antiviral, neutralize toxins and anti-hyperglycemia. Here we will review a few benefits of ciplukan when viewed from the plant.




The benefits of root ciplukan

For the roots, this ciplukan plant has several properties to cure various types of diseases such as:

  • Treating diabetes mellitus

Benefits of ciplukan fruit

  • Treating epileptic seizures or epilepsy
  • Treating lung disease
  • Treating a sore throat
  • Treat canker sores and bleeding gums. This is due to the vitamin C content that is so much contained in the ciplukan.

The benefits of ciplukan leaves

  • To fight cancer. According to some health research steroids contained in leaves and fruit ciplukan have been shown to fight and kill malignant cells that grow malignant cancer in the body. And in the study has proven that the ciplukan herb turned out to be able to shrink the size of the tumor or cancer.

  • Treating ulcers

  • Treat ulcers

All parts of the plant

  • Overcoming high blood pressure
  • To overcome rheumatic diseases
  • Treat the problem of whooping cough
  • Treat bronchitis
  • Treating mumps
  • Treat swelling of testicles for men
  • Treating influenza



Basically all parts of plants ciplukan the way processing is almost the same that is to boil it first and live drink it. But especially for the fruit, you can boil it first or can eat it directly. Noteworthy is when you make this ciplukan potion should not be left up for a day overnight, because if you consume it has been through one day and one night because the content in it is damaged.

After knowing the various benefits of ciplukan to the body it should start now do not hesitate again to often consume this ciplukan plant. Especially for those living in the countryside instead of this plant should be cultivated and can be used as an alternative to herbal remedies.

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