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RE: Salute Your Health! DIY | Raspberry Kombucha!

in #health4 years ago

Love it! Looking professional Mrs Bird! Love the color that one turned out!! There is also the Jun option which is Kombucha scoby that works with honey!! Curious if you make it work w natural sweetener- maybe get your scoby slowly acclimated to them over time and feed them a little refined sugar here and there. You’ve come a long way since the jelly fish days 😋👍🏼😁 hilarious! And by the way, I think that scoby in the gal jar lived without any liquid for like 4 years in that closet!! Lol! Ini rehydrated it and used it after that! 👏🏼🙌🏼🧙🏼‍♀️


hehe, that is too funny! I have learned much from you! I have always said you are amazing! I would like to try honey..I'll have to experiment and do more research I guess :) So that scoby rejuvenated , I love it ! And you oxox

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