Lady Finger Reduce the risk of colon cancer.

in #health3 years ago


Lady Finger as vegetables is the first choice to find people who find it difficult. Many people have to eat because of this. But if you hear that multiplication, then anyone's eyes will be on the forehead. There are some traits that protect the body from many diseases.

Soluble fiber pectin in the lady finger, which helps in reducing blood cholesterol. There are many medicines in the rubbish.

These include fiber, vitamin A, antioxidants. It increases disease resistance, prevents shortness of breath. There are also many more.

The Healthy Food Team has said 10 times that of the lady finger, after knowing that you will want to keep the daily diet in the daily diet.

Lady finger the risk of colon cancer. High-quality antioxidants prevent resistance against harmful free radicals.

Good gestation for pregnancy during pregnancy During the pregnancy, it helps in the formation of the fetus's brain, preventing it from being discharged.

Lady finger helps in the reconstruction of the body tissue and the removal of acne by removing the toxic substances of the skin.

There are beta carotene, vitamin A, antioxidant, lute in, which helps in the prevention of eye glaucoma, eye cataracts.

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