In addition to sugar, the foods that can increase your blood sugar.

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Yes, avoid sugar and sweet foods. But some innocent foods can also increase your blood sugar. Be careful about these foods.

It is very important for the diabetic patient to maintain dietary control. Especially they are told to be careful about sugar and sugar foods. Blood sugar can be increased due to excess sugar consumption, and neglect of feeding can reduce blood sugar gradually. There may be several health problems in both cases. To avoid these problems, look out for food habits. Yes, avoid sugar and sweet foods. But some innocent foods can also increase your blood sugar. Beware of these foods-


Coffee is not unhealthy drinks. Studies have shown that drinking it can reduce the risk of diabetes. But if you add switner, cream and various flavors to the coffee, then there is a risk of increased blood sugar. Even high levels of caffeine itself can increase blood sugar. After drinking any type of coffee, measure blood glucose, then you can understand what is affecting your body.

2)Instant Oatmil

To reduce the weight, to remove fat, even diabetes control, many people say to eat oats or oatmeal. Oats are really healthy, because it has lots of fiber. But instant octal flavors can be processed even sugar. Blood Sugar inevitably increases. Eat ordinary oats to stay safe, such as steel-cut oats.

3)Red rice

Diabetes patients are said to eat Hole Grain. Many people started to eat red rice instead of white rice. But red rice, it cannot be filled with plates. With half a cup of rice, you can eat vegetables and pulses. If you eat extra white rice or red rice - two types of rice will increase your blood sugar.

4)Chinese food

Diabetes patients also want to eat delicious food many times. At that time eating Chinese food is not good at all. Chinese food may contain more oil and salt as well as lots of sugar. Common Fried Rice, Sugar or Sugar can also contain sugar. Because of this, it is better to avoid the food of cuisine.


Not only steak, but any red blood fat that can cause blood sugar to grow. It is difficult to control high fat blood sugar in these meats.

6)Milk and dairy products

Milk, yogurt and cheese are a very good source of vitamins and calcium. But these foods can increase blood sugar, as well as damage to heart health. You can eat low fat milk or dairy products without sugar to avoid these problems.

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