How is Sinus problem without medicine?

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Sinus is troubled by the pain Do not understand what to do. Strong headache, heavy nose and headache, even pain is causing fever - we are involved with these problems of sinus. The number of people who are suffering from sinus problems is not less. On the other side of the little rule, this problem is heading.

If there is any hindrance or irritation in the inner membrane of the hollow, air-filled place in the mouth, then the problem of sinusitis begins.

It is necessary to eat some medicines according to the rules if it is harmed. However, if you adhere to several domestic ways throughout the year, this disease can be prevented very much. Know all that.

  1. To control the problem of sinocytes every day, keep in the diet a koa garlic and honey. These two components have the ability to prevent multiple diseases. They do not have to pair them specially to prevent mucus. Playing a two-cup honey with one row garlic can help prevent the attack of Sinus.

  2. Avoid low water vaporized spots. Due to pinocytosis, damp or excess dry weather is also harmful. Stay in a place where there is adequate lighting.

  3. The problem of sinus is very far away if the mucus problems are kept away. So take a hot water vapor often. Take some hot water in a day when the cold trend increases for some reason. Nasapatha gets wet and mucus comes out thin.

  4. Ginger, honey mixture is extremely beneficial for mucus. The sweet ant inflammatory capacity keeps the body warm. Ginger is antibacterial in a typical way. If the mixture of these two ingredients is eaten every day, it can be far away from Sinus's problem.

  5. Drink hot beverages. Play tea and coffee and leave them sugar. It is not too spicy even if you play soup.

  6. Heat a towel well in deep water and take it thoroughly. At this time, stay in the towel for a few minutes. It provides a lot of comfort.

  7. Stay away from cigarette smoke, body spray, dust, etc. These Anastasia enter the pathway to increase the problem of cytosine.

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