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The pulse arises as a result of the blood rush within the arteries during the contraction of the heart muscle.
➡Normal pulse rate:
Adults 60 to 100 beats per minute


☆ Pulse taking places:
1-carotid artery
2-Radial artery
3-Brachial artery
4-Femoral artery
5-Above the heart directly

➡How to take a pulse!
we put The fingers [index finger and middle] on the pulse directly above the artery The count begins for a full minute taking into account speed, strength and regularity.



🔴Factors affecting the pulse:
1-Bleeding increases the pulse.
2-Aerobic exercise increases the speed of the pulse.
3-the heat,High heat causes the pulse to accelerate.

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A little addition, Elevation of the body heat by 1c
Causes pulse to elevate by 10
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Pulse measurement is one of the most important tests in the diagnosis of many diseases