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Hi Steemian, Nick Here :)


Here are 4 Main Reasons I Drink Green SuperFood Powder Every Day and Why You Should Do So As well!

4 Greens On The Go!

  • Making Salads, Green Vegetable/Fruit Smoothies or Juices Is Time Consuming
  • You Need To Buy Veggies/Fruits You Need to Wash/Cut/Blend/Juice
  • You need to Wash The Veggies, wash the plates Blenders Juicers Etc.
  • With Green SuperFood You Will Get all the Veggies In 1 Scoop
  • And I PROMISE You it Tastes Great!
  • Just Check Out How Many Veggies and Fruits They Add to the Powder

Do Nutrients Keep Their Potency After Beeing Turned into Powder?

  • Research Behind Green SuperFood Powders Prove that More than 85% Of Nutrients are Kept In Powder Form
  • These Nutrients are Laying dormant until You Add Water To the Powder
  • When Water is Added all the Nutrients Activate and You Drink this Awesomeness!

3. Energy Boost!

  • This Drink Is Proven many Times to Naturally Boost Your Energy
  • Coffee Makes Your Brain Release The Energy Stored in Your body
  • Green Powder Gives Your Body The Energy Of The Sun Stored i Veggies Through a Process Called "Photosynthesis"
  • You Feel The Boost Of Instant Energy as You are Drinking Your Cup of Green Powder + Water

2. Affordable And Long-Lasting

  • 1 Bottle Will Last You For a Month
  • It Costs around $30
  • You will receive All Minerals, Micro-nutrients, and Vitamins Your Body Needs DAILY.

1. MAJOR Health Benefits

  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Cancer
  • Alkalizing
  • Healthier Bones
  • Healthier Eye-Sight
  • Healthier Joints!
  • Better Oxygen Transportation within the Body
  • Muscle Recovery
  • And Much More


  • Absolutely everyone Should have Green Superfood Powder in Their Daily Diet!
  • If You want to Be healthy, Vibrant, Have the Energy without Caffeine, You should invest into Green Superfoods.
  • I do not Make any Commissions from any Green Powder Companies
  • I have been Drinking Superfoods for over a Year and I will never Stop! :)
  • It Costs less than $1 For 1 Scoop( 1 Serving of Nutrients)
  • Give Your Body all the Nutrients with $1 Investment!

  • I hope this Helps You To make Healthier decisions and Live a better, Healthier Lifes!!
  • Please Upvote/Resteem Let's Spread a Healthy Message!
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Never heard of it I will check it out. For the rest of you guys check out moringa too. I use it almost everyday and makes me feel great.

Wow, Amazing Post Nick!! Thank You. This Helps A lot. i will Buy this Superfood Powder that you recommend

This sounds very good. Will give it a try.

I'll tell the wife she loves things like this, cheers mate

this stuff is MAD healthy...

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Greens are great. They're a powerhouse of healthiness. I put barley grass juice powder and/or Hawaiian spirulina in nearly every smoothie I make.

Upvoted and resteemed. I live by it!

I believe there are more than the vitamins listed that your body needs. Second, one scoop does not supply one hundred percent of any of the vitamins. Green food is absolutely healthy. This product looks like a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. But, one scoop will not provide all the nutrients you need a day. I am a thirty five year veteran of the health lifestyle. So, definitely try this product, just know there is more needed. Cheers.

Very informative but you haven't shared your results! Could you provide the specific health benefit you've received from this super food?