3 main things You need to live healthy life.

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  1. Take vitamins D3 (5000 IU) and K2 (200 mcg) with Calcium-Magnesium-Boron minerals daily to keep your "25 vitamin D" blood level on 60-80 ng/ml (You are probably about 15-25 now if not worse). This will switch your body to "summer" mode and it will start to heal and repair itself (Otherwise it's in "sleeping" mode saving resources to survive winter). Actually if You've never exposed yourself to the sun or supplemented those vitamins before - start with 10000 IU D3 and 300 mcg K2, and lower it in one or two months.

  2. Jump or run every day at least 30 minutes to help your body clean itself. Without vibration, intercellular space is not properly cleaned. Our ancestors run and walk up to 100 kilometers daily to get food for millions years. Last 10000 years are nothing for evolution, our bodies are made to be shaken all the day.

  3. Fast regularly (each fast extends your life)! Eat fat and vegetables (google "ketogenic"), eat less, forget bread, pasta and sugar. If You eat animal food - prefer eggs, cottage cheese, butter, liver, oily northern fish, brains and fat over red meat. If You are veg or raw one - add cottage cheese and egg yolks at least, otherwise take B12 vitamin to your supplements (Keep in mind - there is no known raw vegan long-living representatives).


nice post ,
keep em coming,
fellow steem doc

Not enough people know about this and get sick often for their lack of knowledge. :'(

Even if at least one find it useful - my karma got a token which cost more than million steemit tokens ))). But seriously, I have tried it on myself during 1 year and got "miraculous results" (credits go to Jeff T Bowles - author of D3 book)

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