Every day you live is a gift.

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If you change perception, you change the world!


Change your perception: This reading takes 1 minute but can change your view of life

Two gentlemen are in the hospital, they are both bad and share a room.
One of the two gentlemen has to sit for 1 hour every day in the afternoon, because otherwise too much fluid will build up in his lungs.
The bed of this man is located next to the only window of the hospital room.
The other man must be put flat on his back 24 hours a day.

Because the men are glued to bed, they talk hours and hours with each other.
They told both about the women they've had, the jobs they've had, vacations and the houses they've lived in.

Every afternoon, when the man next to the window had to sit upright, he told the reclining man what was going on outside, while he was looking outside.

The man who just had to lie was looking forward to these moments and was happy when the weather was sunny in the afternoon, as his world was enlarged and enriched with life and color, through everything the man told next to the window.

The man next to the window told:
The view from the window looked out on a large park with a beautiful lake.
Geese, ducks and swans played in the water while children sailed around in small boats.

Loving couples walked hand in hand and were romantically picnicking along the waterfront. Around the pond were beautiful flowers, flowers of all colours.


While the sitting man told everything in detail, the reclining man closed his eyes and got in mind to see what the man described.

On a warm sunny day the man next to the window described a parade that came along and people who were happy watching.
The man who had to stay lying closed his eyes, and although he could not hear the music, he saw with his inner eye everything that the man described in detail.

Weeks and months passed and the reclining man continued to enjoy that which the man described next to the window.

One morning the sister came into the room to wash the two men. She found the man next to the window dead. He had died peacefully in his sleep. The sister made sure that the body of the man was picked up.

At a suitable moment, the reclining man asked if he could lie on the spot next to the window.
The sister did this and as soon as he lay comfortably, she left him alone.

Slowly, and with a lot of pain and trouble, the reclining man came to see with his own eyes what the now deceased man told him daily. He came up and looked out the window.

And what he saw was a blind wall !!!

The man told the sister all the wonderful things he described for months what he saw through the window.
The sister told the man was blind and could not see anything, not even the wall.

She said, "Maybe this gentleman wanted to encourage you"

You can get a lot of inner happiness by helping and/or making other people happy.
If you want to be rich, count the things you have that are not for sale with money.

Every day you live is a gift.