The truth about HPV vaccines.....

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Over the last 10 years Big Pharma have pushed the Gardisil and Cervarix vaccines in young girls for prevention of HPV. The question is, does it work.? An expert in the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), is speaking out about the dangers and side effects of this vaccines an what your OB/GYN is not telling you. Dr. Diane Harper , a former vaccine researcher for Merck, is speaking out about the truth of HPV vaccines. In a recent speech given in Virginia, Dr. Harper said that 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves without treatments , and 90% do so within 2 years.
Over 40 girls have died from these vaccines and side effects include; seizures , blood cloths, brain inflammation , lupus and Guillain Barre Syndrome , a rare but serious syndrome which causes the immune system to attack and damage nerve cells.
Dr. Harper said that while Gardasil and Cervarix are marketed to protect against cervical cancer, the claim has not been proven and is hypothetical.
Since coming forward with the dangers of these vaccines, Dr. Harper has been attack and a vicious campaign has been wage against her.
It's obvious to me that big Pharma are making the population more sick instead of healthier . To much money involved . My advice! , Always research before undergoing any medical treatment, ask questions.image.jpegimage.jpeg Best of lucks ;)

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very very good article.. Everyone should know this but big pharma will hide it as long as they can. Thank you for sharing this information. vaccines are dangerous and have been weaponized for years!


They are and they will, we have to keep fighting . Thanks for reading.

Thank you for posting this information.


You are very welcome


Scientists and holistic doctors have also recently discovered Nagalase In many different vaccines which spurs tumor growth by suppressing the bodies Immune system. It Is certain that these Nagalase molecules have been deliberately Inserted In to the vaccines to push up the numbers of people developing cancer, significantly Increasing the pharmaceutical Industry's cancer drugs profits. Recently 30+ holistic doctors, who discovered Nagalase In the vaccines and the link to the suppression of the Immune system, have died In suspicious circumstances. The Cabal was obviously covering up and killing anyone who could expose the conspiracy.


Omg , im not surprised at all, but this is absolutely sickening ... Thanks a million for the info !!

I did not know this but am sure to research more.

One of my very good female friends was sterilized by the HPV vaccine. Anecdotal for anyone reading this, but an absolute truth confirmed by her doctors, a shame really, she has such a good heart and is very bright. Her DNA will be missed from the gene pool.


That's so sad!!! People need to come forward and speak up about this vaccines and the dangers and side effects . Is not right how pharmaceuticals are gambling with our lives.


many young women i know have been told they are sterile as well... I know in the back of my head it has something to do with this or other vaccines 17-25 year old women shouldn't have this problem like they do it's overwhelming how many people i know who have to face this problem :(


Unfortunately vaccine safety isn't a widely considered issue, mostly because many people just blindly trust the large gov-sanctioned pharmaceutical companies. This should not be construed as me saying vaccine science isn't legitimate or that I am an "anti-vaxxer", I know vaccine science works / can work. But why should there be a two-class vaccine schedule, one for muggles and one for state-actors / the wealthy and connected?

In Europe, the political class has access to "clean vaccines" that are free of the adjuvants, preservatives etc. that cause the side-effects. This is not a conspiracy theory, here a link to the major gov-sanctioned German media outlet that lays it out very clearly: This was a big deal when it hit in 2009, what happened? Nothing, a few op eds and the press killed the story rather than lose the pharma ad dollars. I can't claim to know if the program is ongoing or not, or how many vaccines were actually involved beyond the one (if any), but there has been no news it has been stopped.

But there is hope and people are speaking out - look at the Kennedy / DeNiro controversy and the public challenge that awards $100k USD to anyone who can prove thimerosol, the mercury preservative in vaccines, is actually safe to inject into human beings. Has anyone collected 4 months later? No. And why not....?

Thimerosol is the tip of the adjuvant iceberg.

Thank you so much for posting this @midnight-g. Every person needs to know about the dangers of Gardisal. All vaccinations scare me, but this one is, by far, the most dangerous and scary one of the lot.

I've recently read (I haven't checked this yet) that Australia is currently trying to add Gardisal to the INFANT Vax schedul!! Um, what the!!


Is a very dangerous vaccine indeed. They want to what in Australia??, omg, that's terrible .. Hope not .

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We need independent studies. Not all vaccines are safe, some are a must and essential. Gardisil getting pushed onto boys is a big strange I must say.


In @midnight-g's original post, she claims that

Dr. Harper said that while Gardasil and Cervarix are marketed to protect against cervical cancer, the claim has not been proven and is hypothetical.

Until a transcript from that "recent" speech from 2009 or some other evidence materialises that backs up this claim, it is safe to assume that this is just made up and that Dr. Harper holds no such position at all.

It is also safe to assume that any party who wished to truthfully investigate this would not, somehow, miss Dr. Harper's peer-reviewed article Next Generation Cancer Protection: The Bivalent HPV Vaccine for Females (2012) where she explicitly states that Cervarix is an excellent choice of vaccination:

Should vaccination be an option that women choose for their cervical cancer protection, Cervarix is an excellent choice for both screened and unscreened populations due to its long-lasting protection, its broad protection for at least five oncogenic HPV types, the potential to use only one-dose for the same level of protection, and its safety.

Why did you leave this out of your review of Dr. Harper's view on HPV vaccination? You don't think your readers deserved to know this part?

@midnight-g, I understand that your post was probably not guided by malice, but what you are doing here could cause real harm to people. Think about that for a moment.


You should read more into the side effects of this vaccines . Lot of girls had die and numerous had become sterile after getting this shot. Dr. Harper was harrased by big Pharma for her findings and claims, of course she had to said this. I'm sure she's concern about her life.

Good repost...I will resteem it as well. Also, the herd immunity claim they always make has been completely destroyed time & time again. When people in California who were vaccinated were getting whooping cough & TB.