HPV deadly than HIV?

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Ouch! Looks disgusting and irritating...Human Papilomavirus (HPV) is not a new virus but recently, it's been circulating like it just hit the waves newly.
HPV is caused by skin to skin contact especially during sex.
Unlike some other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) which can be prevented using condoms, HPV can not be prevented using condoms.
Over 50% of sexually active Men and Women at some point, get infected with HPV in their lifetime.
HPV causes different types of cancer such as; cervical, penile, and anal.

I wondered the discomfort that comes with such a virus. It doesn't look like it can go off in a short while.
Even if one doesn't know about the status of his/her HPV, the fellow can still infect others.
The degree of immunity in one's system counts in reducing prevalence of the viral attract in the body system.
Unlike Human Immune Virus (HIV), HPV has lots of physical symptoms that can help the patient detect occurrence and treat promptly.

For now, there is no cure available for the virus although, there are vaccines to treat the virus beforehand.
Vaccines is available for Women and Men between 20-26 years

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Sadly, HPV doesn't affect genitals only but also affects the hands, legs, mouth and face.

Any idea about HPV kindly drop in the comment section of this post

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