How I Healed Myself from Severe Chronic Adrenal Fatigue

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I discovered Energy Healing after years of feeling, exceptionally tired and weak and getting no answers from medical doctors. In fact I was told I was perfectly healthy by one doctor after having had blood tests and a short medical examination, so in spite of not feeling ok I kept pushing on and getting on with my life, until my body literally physically crashed and I was too ill and weak to lift a spoon to eat! This resulted in my life being lying in bed feeling useless, a dreadful mother and knowing that I had to find a way to feel better.   

Over the years I had already tried many alternative therapies and several of them felt really good and helped, but long term this chronic fatigue was just not going away. Through searching on internet, I found a naturopath that specialized in thyroid issues, and from what I had read, I felt sure my issue was coming from the thyroid, as my levels were slightly low and my mother has taken thyroid medication for years. I saw this naturopath and had a saliva test done and got the results. What it showed was quite a shock for me and I think for the naturopath too!   

I had severe adrenal fatigue that had been building over the years, and getting worse from my teenage years onwards. When I chatted to the naturopath about this he said that having tonsillitis as a teenager and lots of doses of antibiotics would have lowered my immune system and started off the overload of stress (adrenalin) in my body. This meant that whenever I felt stressed, unhappy, under pressure then my body wasn’t as well equipped to cope with the stress and this extra strain on my adrenals caused more damage, a bit like keep spending more money than you have and getting a bigger and bigger debt, but I had no idea that my adrenals were under pressure or that this was going on to take any action to stop this!  



As you can see from the results above only 1 out of 4 of my cortisol readings were in the normal range with my morning reading being 6.2 below the normal, which is the green shaded area on the chart, and I'm down in the orange at the bottom! Both my DHEA readings were out of normal range too! So I was definitely not physically ok as doctors had said and this level of depletion had taken years, since teenage years, to get this bad!

If I had known that my adrenals were out of balance and getting worse then I would of course taken action to correct this, but any visits to doctors over the years either said I was ok, it was in my mind or I was depressed, left me feeling like I must be imagining it, so not very helpful! This didn’t make sense to me because I did feel so weak and tired all the time and other people just seemed ok in comparison.  With no help from the medical doctors, I tried various vitamins, supplements and therapies and just got on with my life!   

It was after my third major physical crash, each one seeming to get worse and taking longer to recover from to just do normal every day activities, that I found Energy Healing being talked about on talk show. The person was talking about Divine Love and the power in Divine Love, so I decided to try and flow Divine Love to my body to heal it. I didn’t really have any hopes or expectations, in fact I was so used to nothing working that I didn’t expect this to work either! However, it felt good doing this and feeling so ill and weak, I didn’t have a lot else to do, so I kept doing it! I would flow Divine Love to my body and with my legs being so weak I decided to focus on my legs. To my amazement, I discovered that I could walk for longer if I chanted: 

‘Divine Love fills my legs now, my legs are filled with Divine Love!’ 


                        (Photo taken by myself)

I was super excited and started to flow Divine Love everyday to all areas of my body including my adrenals, organs and glands.    

I felt hope, positive, excited and this felt really good and was helping me to heal!

 I tried using Divine Love to dissolve all the hurt and upset I’d felt over the years of ‘not being heard’, no one helping me and having to struggle and cope alone, being a single parent and it felt good to release and let these feelings go.    

Having trained in holistic treatments and knew how emotions are stored in our body and how they do make us ill, so I then worked through relationships and jobs that had caused me upset and found myself going through my whole life flowing Divine Love to heal everything that I could think of that had upset me and brought me stress!  Obviously this took some time and so getting physically stronger was not an overnight miracle, but what I did worked and over the weeks I was getting better, feeling stronger and able to live a more normal life each day.   

Finding New Talents and Abilities

When I was well enough to work again doing reflexology, I used some of this energy healing of flowing Divine Love and dissolving the illnesses and emotions during the treatments and found I was getting better results when I did this. I then explored doing the energy healing on friends and family and that got some amazing results too! It wasn’t long before I chose to do Energy Healing over the reflexology and started to channel Pure and Divine Energies to heal others.   

I never expected to have this ability, but from the feedback I was getting from those I worked on, then what I was doing was working and really helping them. I soon discovered the darker side of life, as if living through years of illness, bad luck, being unlucky and clumsy wasn’t dark enough, but it got worse! As I become more well done and worked on tele-summits I was picked on and attacked by witches with spells, curses and black magic and also dark entities. This wasn’t something I had believed in, but when the attacks started there was no doubting it, it was happening!   

Many people don’t believe in black magic, evil and dark energies or will say you mustn’t talk about it or you will attract it. Well, I wasn’t talking about, believing in it or doing anything to attract it, but it found me and made my life hell! This started a very quick learning curve of how to channel Pure and Divine energies to being attacked by invisible energies to stop it, which led my work into releasing dark energies and spells for other people also being attacked, which had never been on my ‘to do list job’ at all!   


Through my work and experiences it seems to me that so many people cannot discern and this is where life goes wrong. There are many ‘healers’ out there and some are doing amazing work and some are doing a lot of damage. The New Age Movement, I believe, is dark and evil at work to destroy and corrupt the good healing work being done, so now no one knows who is a good healer and speaking and sharing good information and who is evil, casting spells and spreading lies and false information.   

Discernment is a feeling, we get ‘gut feelings’ that are there to guide us, but humanity is so ‘mind programmed’ that feelings are ignored and wrong choices are made. I totally believe that ‘feeling and knowing Truth, Integrity and being able to Discern’ has the power to upgrade humanity and make the world a better place. If people could instantly feel who has good intentions and who doesn’t then we would all choose, (or most of us would!) those doing good and avoid those doing bad. In terms of business, from buying a car, to food, a home, healing or holidays we would all choose and give our money to those doing good.   

I have shared my story of healing myself here 

because I’ve had so many comments and thanks from people who are in a similar situation, that have told hearing about how I healed myself has given them hope. Hope has amazing power and stops us from sinking into depression, which is not a good place to be.   

Please do upvote and share my post and follow me for more great information on these topics!   

Thanks for reading! 

© Copyright Michelle Carter - Original Work


Thank you for sharing your journey to healing. As I studied and worked and learned to clear myself of unwanted energies and my light quotient began to increase, I experienced attacks myself.
Some of them were not intentional. I just seemed to set someone off, even if I was quietly sitting in a cafe minding my own business. Do you know what I mean?
I've also noticed that in my personal journey of spiritual evolution, whenever I develop or learn a new healing tool or technique often I meet resistance, interference or seemingly unrelated distractions. I guess those things are part of the learning journey too.

You're welcome, thanks for your comments and questions.
Yes I know totally what you mean about being attacked as we shine our Light more and also expand into new areas of helping, learning and raising our energy level.
This is actually very common and I have written about it often in other places. I could write a whole post about it, so I think I will as there are so many misconceptions and confusion around this topic, like you only get attacked if you believe in dark energies, and you mustn't talk about dark, evil and being attacked or you will be attacked.
These beliefs just keep people in the dark and without the knowledge and tools they need to feel safe, protected and move forwards!
I will write a post on all of this in more detail for you and others who are interested. Much Love & Light.

Thanks for your reply. I look forward to your next post regarding this! Many blessings.

You're welcome! :)

I've posted my next post, so here is the link!

Blessings to you also.

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