Thrush or mouth sore ((types))

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The sores or also called canker sores, do not result in serious cases in its vast majority, although if it is not well treated it can be. They are often annoying and painful interfering in our daily activities.

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From talking to drinking hot drinks can be a reason for discomfort and pain when you have sores. In most of the times they heal themselves, but for this one must take into account a good hygiene, most people have had mouth sores since it is something very easy to contract.

Thrush or a mouth sore
The wounds that usually appear above the mucosa of the oral cavity, such as the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, the soft palate or the base of the gums, are what are called canker sores.
This is about sores with oval or round shapes, open normally have a reddish ring to its alrrededor, and its color whitish or yellowish, usually the specialists describe three types of canker sores or sores depending on their morphology. From the minor aphthae, which are usually the majority of cases, they make their appearance on their own and they heal spontaneously on the days of their appearance.

It also often appears herpetiform sores, in this case often appear numerous ulcers, their size is small they disappear as the days go by, sometimes they leave marks in the mouth.

Chronic and recurrent, those of this type are not so common, their appearance is usually early in childhood but make a greater affection in adolescence and in older age.

If you suffer from an illness caused by a cold sore or mouth sore, consult your doctor to avoid complications.

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