Back pain, one of the most common problems!

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Pregnant women, overweight people and those who usually work with weights are more likely to suffer these discomforts.



You are not alone!. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems and affects eight out of 10 people at some point in their lives. The treatment for back pain depends on what is causing it and what type of pain you have. It may include cold or hot compresses, exercise, medications, injections, complementary treatments and, sometimes, surgery.

Most back pain disappears spontaneously, although it may take some time. Over-the-counter painkillers and rest can help. However, staying in bed for more than one or two days can make it worse.

It can vary from a dull, constant pain, to a sudden and intense pain. Acute back pain appears suddenly and usually lasts a few days or weeks. Back pain is chronic when it lasts more than three months.

If the back pain is severe or does not improve after three days, you should call a health professional. You should also seek medical attention if you have back pain after an injury.

Prevention is the best defense against this health problem: We could minimize the pain if we assimilate a correct posture and habits as simple as walking upright or keeping your back supported by the backrest.

Being overweight causes more tension in the muscles of the back. In the case of pregnant women, there are specific bands to relieve discomfort.

Take care of the posture while you sleep. The mattress must be in good condition.

Walk with your back straight and your head elevated. In many cases, you usually walk with your back bent, carrying the weight of your shoulders forward. Nor should we abuse high-heeled shoes or heavy bags, which carry the weight on one side of our body.

In front of the computer, the upper part of the screen must be at eye level. The back should be supported on the back and feet, on the floor. An adaptable chair, a footrest or a small cushion can be very useful.

If you suffer this type of pain you should do normal life, without taking weights or making sudden movements. It is advisable to exercise moderately.

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