Remove the domestic acne from the domestic way

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Remove the domestic acne from the domestic way


Acne problems arise in the face of children from junior to children. Damage to the beauty of the acne, and causes various black spots on the skin. As a result, you do not feel comfortable to look at. We do not do much to remove this acne. Oily skin, acne problems are always in jeeraba Boys and girls are not free from this problem.

There are side effects in the cosmetics available in the market to remove acne. These do not remove the acne, but rather the skin becomes dark and rough due to chemicals. Many times the skin becomes black, which is harmful for the skin.


When and where acne is the first time acne occurs during childhood. In the case of boys 16 to 19 years of age and girls have the tendency of acne at 14-16 years of age. In 80% of cases, acne decreases in the middle of the age of 20 years. But many people tend to have acne until they are 30-40 years old. Acne is usually seen in the mouth. But it may be back, neck and chest. The tendency to become acne in the summer increased greatly.

Why is acne? Acne can be due to various reasons. Due to the lack of balance of hormone levels during the strains of the stomach, skin tumor and sebum leak increased. In this, the hair follicles are closed and bacterial infections occur. Thus acne occurs on the skin of the microbial poisoning. The name of the acne species is 'propineo bacterium acne'.

Let's Know Home Remedies -

The lemon juice can be the best ingredient to remove acne. Put the lemon juice on the top of the acne after it's done before sleeping. So keep the whole night. You will see acne dry in the morning and it will fall from your mouth.

There is no pair of mustard and honey to remove the mustard and honey acne. There is a lot of salicylic acid in mustard, which can easily destroy acne bacteria. Make a pack by mixing a teaspoon of honey with a little mustard powder and apply the face. After 15 minutes wash with water. You will see your acne apart, along with acne scars will also be removed.

Tomato slice

Tomato works as an antioxidant on the skin. It also removes acne and removes other skin infections. Smear the skin thoroughly with the slices of tomatoes at least twice a day. This will destroy the fungus of your skin acne.

Garlic juice

Due to the fact that acne is made, garlic juice is very effective to destroy the germs. Put a little amount of garlic juice on acne. Wash the mouth thoroughly after drying. Garlic juice will remove acne acne and acne viral will be destroyed forever.