What is the cause of high blood pressure

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Human  blood pressure rises due to different symptoms depending on the cause  of the occurrence. It is a controlled presentation of many factors,  which may predict factors related to age, genetic aspects or external  influences. Before we delve into the details and causes of the disease,  we need to know what the term hypertension means, Which is known to be the most linked diseases of the heart, including  atherosclerosis, blockage of blood vessels and kidney disease, which is  one of the most common and prevalent diseases in our time, and  attributed to high pressure than normal to the failure of the following  parts:


Heart: Is considered atherosclerosis and blockage of coronary arteries and blood vessels surrounding the heart muscle. Diseases that affect the nervous system often increase human stress. Endocrine diseases are those that direct their secretions in the blood. Urology: All diseases affecting the urinary tract and kidneys, for example renal failure

The  causes of the disease vary according to the type of high blood  pressure, which is as follows: Primary hypertension: This type falls  under several reasons contribute to high blood pressure. Genetic factors. Psychological and nervous tension such as anxiety and physical stress. Bad  habits such as foods that contain a high percentage of salts and  saturated fats, sweets and nuts, and these types of food raise the rate  of insulin hormone in the blood, and it is noteworthy that this type is  the highest proportion of the world for people with high blood pressure.  Hypertension of secondary origin: This type is caused by the primary  type and falls under this type for several reasons as follows:

High blood pressure is an accelerating nature: it does not need to be  detailed. It can be said that this type is of psychological origin. For  example, pressure rises in some people when they see the white coat worn  by the doctor or specialist.
High  blood pressure is described as being very dangerous and sometimes  fatal, because many people get complications without feeling, and this  may cause sudden death 

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