What causes the vibration of the body

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 What causes the vibration of the body
Y body vibration is a problem faced by many people in the current era  and has several reasons arise with internal and external effects, and  many people attributed the problem of vibration of the body to  technological development, which in turn increased the amenities where  people were not old suffer from this problem in this form Rising


It  is one of the forms of technological development which is the  dependence of people on a lot of devices, electronics, transportation  and communications, which were luxuries and are now one of the basics  that can not be dispensed with. We know that the human body has high  energy and if the body is not using the right methods and exert the  required effort. On discharging the body's energy it will shake the body in a negative way.
In  our time, man is doing a lot of work that depends on the electronic and  electrical devices such as communication devices, computers, washing  machine and refrigerator. All these devices carry harmful charges to the  body and negatively affect the functions of the human and it helps to  affect the body vibrations, and modern science has proved that these  shipments harmful and the way that The  person is able to get rid of it is to put the front of the head on the  ground in a sequential manner where these shipments are unloaded to the  ground, so we note that the person committed to prayer does not suffer  from the problem of vibration of the body and so God ordered us  prostrate to him and forced us to pray for health never We are.

There  are many causes of body vibration such as anxiety, tension,  frustration, disappointments repeated all of which can lead to vibration  if they are not processed or handled properly, and the methods of  dealing with these psychological problems are drugs and treatments, and  there is a type of treatments, a cure Without drugs and drugs, social behavioral therapy such as positive  thinking, breathing exercises and attention to healthy nutrition

One  of the best ways to get rid of body vibration is to exercise  continuously because it helps in solving the problem of vibration very  effectively, because when the exercise of the human muscles and nerves  and stresses the natural and healthy and also saves him from the tension  and anxiety causing the vibration and contribute sweating in the sport  by making the body relax It calms naturally.

In  general, the problem of body vibration is a widespread problem in our  society and if the person in certain ways to get rid of the vibration  did not succeed, he should go to the doctor to give him the appropriate  medication for his body because the bodies of people vary and vary from  one person to another and in some cases the doctor is changing  medications or reduce doses Medicines are codified to reduce this problem. 

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