Sleeping well.. deep sleeping..

in health •  11 months ago

Australian expert Wade Ganzer said some people have difficulty getting 8 hours of sleep overnight because of mistakes they do not notice.

Wade Ganzer told the Daily Mail that drinking wine and eating chocolate may miss you a nice night's sleep.

"Chocolates contain caffeine, and wine may make you sleep at any time and you will not be able to sleep at night." Studies have shown that caffeine not only acts as a stimulant, it slows down the work of the body's biological clock, delaying the secretion of the sleeping hormone known as melatonin, making it harder to sleep.

On the other hand, the Australian expert says that the cold months make people stay indoors to watch television and avoid getting out with friends or playing a sport.

"This routine behavior will not make you sleep at night, because the body does not feel any fatigue," he said. People who have trouble sleeping should be advised to do many different things during the day (least 30 minutes walking). "Avoid staying all day on the bed." "The temperature of the bedroom is also important. If it is too high, you will be disturbed during sleep

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