Red eye

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 Red eye
Causes of eye redness Exposure to air, sunlight, dust, or dust. Allergies, inflammation or some injuries, but sometimes there may be a  spot of blood in the eye, this is called bleeding under the  conjunctiva, especially if the presence of that spot without pain, and  can disappear this spot after two weeks.


Inflammation  of the eye There are several infections may be exposed to the eye, and  accompanied by itching, pain and disorders in the vision, including:  Eyelid inflammation caused by skin bacteria, accompanied by  inflammation, itching, oil and eyelids and crust. Osteoporosis,  which includes inflammation of the iris and placenta. This inflammation  is caused by diseases of immunity, infection and exposure to toxins,  but inflammation is often confined to the iris. Inflammation of the eye resulting from viral, allergic or bacterial infections. This type of inflammation is highly contagious. Corneal ulcers caused by viral infection or bacterial acute glaucoma,  which is a serious condition caused by sudden high eye pressure

These infections can be cured by taking care of the home, preparing  the compresses, not using the tools of other people, and keeping the eye  and hands clean when the eye is touched.

Dangerous  eye conditions If the patient feels any of these conditions, he should  visit the hospital immediately: Eye redness due to an eye injury. Eye  redness associated with vision and headache. Redness of the eye  accompanying the vision of the halos around the light. Redness  accompanied by nausea and vomiting Continuous redness for more than a  day or two. With green and yellow secretions 

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This reminds me, gotta get that UV glasses today. Thanks for sharing.