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 Epilepsy is an imbalance in electrical signals in the brain that  results in frequent neurological episodes. The patient is usually  unconscious and does not feel what is happening to him and the  subsequent convulsions and contractions caused by the electrical wave on  the brain and also in many cases the cause is unknown.


Large epilepsy: It is the occurrence of full cramps and tremors of  all muscles of the body where the patient is completely unconscious

Small epilepsy usually occurs in children where the patient loses  consciousness for a short period and then returns to consciousness.

Causes of Insomnia Insomnia, fatigue and stress. Hyperthermia . Smoking and drinking alcohol. An earlier history with disorders and neurological disorders. Infection, malnutrition and lack of oxygen. Congenital birth defect in brain neurons. A stroke or falling directly on the brain. DNA . Cancerous brain tumors

Symptoms Of Epilepsy General Nausea Symptoms Loss Of Awareness And Fall. General muscle stiffness. Spasmodic convulsions and convulsions. Frequent salivary secretions. Coma and muscle relaxation may occur with urination or stool out. There is often vomiting. Confusion when awake. The victim does not keep any memory of the Nubia. The period of the seizure is 3 or 4 minutes but sometimes it can be waited (20) minutes before returning to the original state. Simple Nubia Symptoms Keeps the patient in touch with reality. He  suffers from various problems (difficulty speaking properly,  convulsions and trembling of organs, distortion of voice and visual). Problems in the senses (smell and taste different). Stomach problems. Sense of mine and fear. Nubia period from seconds to three minutes. Partial Nubia Complex Symptoms Loss of contact with reality. The victim does not keep any memory of the Nubia. Nubia period from seconds to three minutes 

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