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in #health2 years ago has some great reasons why taking walks in the rain can benefit your health and how its just good ol' fun.

Walking in the rain might sound crazy, but these healthy reasons to take a stroll during a rain shower will change the way you view a walk on a drizzly day.
Many musicians like The Ronettes and Johnnie Ray have crooned about walking in the rain, and for good reason: Taking a stroll on rainy days has a host of health benefits that soothe the mind, body and soul. If you think taking a walk in the rain sounds like a crazy idea, then check out these convincing reasons why walking in the rain is actually healthy and something you should try on the next drizzly day.

  1. There are typically less people
  2. The air is scientifically proven to be cleaner and fresher
  3. The smell of rain has a calming effect
  4. The humidity is good for your skin and health
  5. Rainy walks help with acceptance
  6. Walks in rainy weather burn more calories
  7. Walks in the rain help you see things with a different perspective
  8. It feels rebellious
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