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Despite the belief of most sheeple prescription Drugs do not cure many diseases if any.
It took many century's of trial and error for the human race to discover which foods are good for us and which foods are not so good.
Drugs are a recent addition to the diet of humans and it seems that in the process of this transition we have lost some valuable information about how to cure ourselves. Don't get me wrong there is a place for some drugs , especially antibiotics as a last resort. The problem with all prescription drugs is they are not natural to the body and therefore cause damage , you just have to read the label of side effects for each drug to scare you. Some even say may cause death on the label , obviously this is not the desired outcome.

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MD's are trained to identify the illness and prescribe a drug treatment. Often if you ask your MD if there is another avenue of treatment you get a blank stare and sometimes a hostile response. MD's are not trained in nutrition.
Its wise before putting your life in the hands of an MD to first take a little time to investigate an alternative treatment for your ailment.

What constitutes a nutritious diet is now debated furiously amongst alternative health professionals , governments, big pharma and the food industries.
Often some of these groups are presumed to be working together for a mutual financial benifit.

When starting your journey towards good nutrition and natural medicine , first you need to identify those groups that are working for there own benifit's.
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The government is often lobbied by Big Pharma and the food industry's.

An example of this from two supposed study's in the journal of pediatrics suggesting that Mercury in vaccines don't actually impair the neurological development of children but have the oposite effect resulting in improved behavior and mental performance. This goes against everything the human race has learned about Mercury and is very suspicious as there is a huge drive to push vaccinations. There are literally thousands of experiments and studys proving Mercury is a potent neurotoxin whether consumed or inhaled.

Another claim is that Fluoride improves public health and anybody that argues against this view is a nut case.

Sugary breakfast cereal's are often advertised as healthy and have a big stamp on the box to verify the claim.

Vitamins and minerals are a waste of money is another big push from the main stream media who accepts billions of dollors from the medical and junk food industries.


In the end its up to each person to look after their own health and their family's health.
There is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.
When you hear of a cure or study about what you need for good health , look into who or what is the driving force pushing the information.

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Many alternative treatments used to be mainstream treatments our ancestors swore by.
Plenty of these treatments work better an any drug could ever work.

It would be a crime against humanity to allow thousands of years in natural medicines to be wiped out and forgotten at the hands of governments and big corporations.

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This article is entirely my opinion general in nature and doesn't constitute medical advise.
I would recommend investigating all avenues of medical advise before choosing an appropriate treatment.

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Great post Keep on sharing truth.


Thank you Mary

Great post @marky on a topic close to me and, I'd imagine, many others.


Thanks , yes I'm passionate about the topic to.


Doctors prescribe pills because patient do not want to hear about healthy food choices and regular exercise. People like to take the easy solution. From my own experience I know that explaining a healthy lifestyle takes a lot more time and does in many cases not elicit the same effects on as some medication does. If you would like to know more about a healthy diet, don't talk to your physician but consult a dietician.


Well said

Very good post. I've been trying to get a better understanding of natural medicine. Much appreciated.


Thank you